Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What is a good face treatment for acne scars?

My face is fairly clear and because of that the couple of acne scars I have are very noticeable. I'd like to know of a treatment that can make these ugly marks go away. Do you guys know of where I could get ahold of a good treatment? Maybe at Sephora?What is a good face treatment for acne scars?
There's plenty of stuff here somewhere

http://acne-medication.ebookorama.com/What is a good face treatment for acne scars?
Organic honey.

Leave it on ur face for 2 min, and wash off. Do this 2 times daily, and use an oil free concealer that doesn't clog pores. Or ask your dematologist/ doctor/ make up specialist/ pharmicist for special scar removal treatments for you. It really does depend on the skin type. Proactiv????

Some other ways

1. Dermabrasion

2. Subcision

3. Chemical Peels

4. Punch Techniques

5. Laser Resurfacing

6. Augmentation

I would advice you to try some home based remedies for skin ,hair and weight problems, this link has some good information it sure did help me so here goes,


good luck
Acne scar treatment

sephora is the PERFECT place to find the product and it will help if you go make sure you explain your skin type
or Scar care, some time it will go a way after time.
Acne scar treatment

Pro active on t.v. commercials!
Mederma is good. I have scars on my face from a car accident, and acne and using it has helped to fade them significantly.
for scars, try AcneFree scar lotion. and proactiv works great for actual acne.
Some of those store bought micro derm abrasions will help as well and so will anything with vitamin E. Vitamin E will help scaring go away and it helps with stretch marks too on a side note.

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