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What is the best treatment for uneven skin tone and acne scars ?

Im looking for a topical treatment, a cream or an oil that will help ?What is the best treatment for uneven skin tone and acne scars ?
Try Bio-oil. Works to reduce scars and uneven skin tone. You can buy it in most chemists.What is the best treatment for uneven skin tone and acne scars ?
Have you tried needling?I have been for surgical scars and it's help a great deal please fine a perm ante make-up artist and ask them about skin needling procedure if they do the procedure they might have free consulation....if so make the appt.and ask for before and after photos Report Abuse

I had the same problem. I'm now 20 and the vast majority of the scarring has pretty much disappeared. Time is the best cure.

Apart from that I can only suggest lotions and creams (water-based only) to even out skin tone.
treat it like a scar or cut. go to a supermarket and buy a scar clearing cream (my personal fav. in neosporin) and every day rub it on ur scar. It wont be treated in a day. have patients! Good luck! :)
get the acne free in 3 days product they have a deal this week. check the site out below

Yep Bio Oil is really good
bio oil. you can get it in boots or superdrug. its quite expensive but worth it.
Home remedies for Acne: Treatment and Medicine

Acne home remedies and natural cures, Questions and answers

Acne Vitamin Treatment

Two vitamins, namely, niacin and vitamin A have been used successfully to treat acne. Vitamin therapy should comprise the intake of 100 mg niacin, three times daily, and 50,000 international units of vitamin A, three times daily. Vitamin E, 400 mg, should be taken once daily. Continue this therapy for a month.

Zinc Treatment for Acne

Zinc is another effective remedy in the area of nutrition that seems to offer new promise of help for acne. It has shown dramatic results in some cases. Take zinc in therapeutic doses of 50 mg three times a day. Zinc is available in tablet and in capsule form. In tablet form, it is available as Zinfet - 200 mg (Yash Pharma, Bombay). The patient can take a quarter tablet so as to get 50 mg of zinc. In capsule form, zinc is available as Ulseal 220 mg (Tam Pharmaceuticals). One-fourth of the powder inside the capsule can be taken as a single dose. The patient can take a dose of 50 mg daily upto one month or till there is noticeable improvement and then reduce the dose to 25 mg.

Orange Peel Remedy for Acne

Homemade Acne Treatment with orange peel has been found very effective. Pound the orange peel with water on a piece stone and apply on acne affected areas.

Lemon Cure for Acne

A simple remedy at home for acne: Apply lemon juice regularly to reduce pimples and acne. This has proven beneficial results

Garlic Remedy for Acne

Garlic has been used successfully to cure acne. Rub with raw garlic several times a day. Garlic is known to cure the toughest of acne problems. The external use of garlic helps to clear the skin of spots, pimples and boils. To cure acne further, eat three seeds of raw garlic once daily for a month. This purifies the blood stream and ensures basic cleansing of blood %26amp; keeps acne away.

Coriander and Mint Juice Therapy for Acne

A teaspoon of coriander juice, mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder, is another effective home remedy for pimples and blackheads. Apply mixture on the face after thoroughly washing it every night before retiring. Use mint juice in a similar manner as coriander juice.

Acne Fenugreek Treatment

Fenugreek is another useful remedy for acne. Make a paste of fenugreek leaves and apply over the face every night before going to bed. Wash off with warm water in the morning. This prevents pimples and blackheads.

Acne Cucumber Treatment

Grated cucumber applied over the face, eyes, and neck for fifteen to twenty minutes has been found effective. It is the best tonic for your complexion. Its regular use prevents pimples and blackheads.

Acne diet

Acne : Home Remedies suggested by users

All-fruit Acne diet

To begin with, the patient should take only an 'all-fruit' diet for a week, taking three meals a day, of fresh juicy fruits, such as apples, pears, grapes, grapefruit, pineapples, and peaches. Only unsweetened lemon or plain water, either hot or cold, should be drunk and nothing else.

Well-balanced Acne diet

After the one-week, all-fruit diet, the patient can gradually adopt a well-balanced diet with emphasis on raw foods, especially fresh fruit and vegetables, sprouted seeds, raw nuts, and wholegrain cereals, particularly millet and brown rice. Further short periods of the 'all-fruit' diet for three days or so may be necessary at a monthly interval till the skin's condition improves.

Avoid strong tea/coffee, soft drinks and processed foods

Meats, sugar, strong tea or coffee, condiments, pickles, soft drinks, candies, ice cream, refined and processed foods should be avoided as far as possible.

Other Acne natural treatments

Warm-water enema

During the initial one week 'all-fruit' diet, a warm-water enema taken daily cleanses the bowels. Apply hot fomentation locally to open up the pores and to bring out the waste matter. Then rinse the affected parts with cold water.

Hot Epsom salts bath

A hot Epsom salts bath twice a week is beneficial in all cases of acne. This bath is prepared by adding 1 陆 kg of Epsom salts to 60 litres of water having a temperature of about 37.8掳 C. The patient should remain in the bath tub for 25-35 minutes till he sweats freely. After the bath, the patient should cool off gradually.

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