Monday, December 14, 2009

What's the best way to make acne scars disappear?

Now that my skin is clearing up, I seem to have the acne marks left behind. It's very annoying to see those dark spots. Any at home remedies would be helpful. Thank you!What's the best way to make acne scars disappear?
As long as you don't have any spots left then try massaging the areas effected. This will increase blood supply to the skin, increasing cell division, resulting in the production of new healthy skin. Use a bio oil or rich moisturiser. It will take time aswell, you can only help along the skins natural process. Also eating food with vitamin B helps with skin cell renewal.What's the best way to make acne scars disappear?
my guess would be...go see a dermatologist
AcneFree scar eraser works moderately well.

today i just picked up an acne mark fading peel from neutrogena at walmart, and i hear it's gotten some good reviews.

i think they go away over time.

mine have faded.

Cocoa Butter - Palmers or any other brand.
What's your skin tone? If you're bronze or ebony, you should check out Mary Kay's Even Complexion Essence.

In bronze/ebony skin tones, the darkness is caused by pooling of melanin in these areas. This product blocks overproduction and pooling of melanin.
I'm not really sure of any home remedies to take away scars.

But one simple thing to help clear your acne is water.

They say distilled is the best thoughhh.

As for the scars,try AcneFree Scar Eraser.

You can get it at Wal*Mart 4 $15.

It works great!
try putting vitamin E on the scars all the time. It fades the scars. It worked for me.

Hope this helps!!
Go to a qualified dermatologist or cosmetician who is licensed to inject Radiesse in the affected area.

Or, go to a reputable laser center where they can laser the areas. It may take more than one treatment
Laser skin resurfacing. My friend had THE WORST acnr scars and she got both cheeks done for $300 bucks. If its only dark spots and no actual scarring any fading cream would work. It bleaches the dark spots out of your skin. You can get it at any drug store in the skin care isle.

clean the area thoroughly with peroxide to take out any contaminants.

Then take the Cocoa Butter and apply a small amount to the area and gently massage it in.

For darker scarring use a little more cocoa butter and apply a warm cloth so it soaks in your skin better.

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