Monday, December 14, 2009

ACNE scars?!?

I have a some small scars on my cheeks due to acne and I hate it because they wouldn't go away.

Are their any good treatments out there??

natural remedies... or on the counter products?ACNE scars?!?
When I had acne scars, I preferred the natural first. It helped some, but after a while I gave up on them. BUT, this does not mean they wouldn't work for you. Try something like Vitamin E oil. If that doesn't work after a while, you might consider using something like Mederma or Bio Oil.

If in the end you really just want to get rid of them and nothing is working, I would suggest getting microdermabrasion.

Good luck!ACNE scars?!?
Hi there,

There are currently no over the counter creams which are capable of removing acne scars. The most these creams will be able to achieve is to lighten the scars and make them less obvious.

One of the most common acne scar treatment is laser resurfacing, or the application of soft and highly focused light on the surface of the skin to ';burn'; acne. However, this approach is only advisable for minor acne types like blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples. Laser resurfacing is actually the closest literal equivalent of actual ';acne removal'; technique that is currently available. This is because laser resurfacing will actually remove acne. Since burning would naturally produce scars, people are quite hesitant to avail of this acne removal method. But such worries are unfounded. Laser resurfacing also includes a post-burning treatment that would stimulate the instant growth of collagen.

If you are interested in other effective treatments for acne scars, you can refer to this site :
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