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I'm the type of person who bruises easily along with breaking out. I am only 14 years old and my face has so many spots on it because as soon as i break out the pimple turnsz into a cut. What do I do? What do I buy and where?Acne?Scars?
Have you tried Pro-Active, the sensitive kind? (I ask the sensitive kind b/c of the cuts).

My gosh, I used to break out by the truck load. When a friend of mine gave me her's i was skeptical at first, b/c I'm not one to buy things that are advertise on the television, but her face had improved tremendously and I was desprate. It took about a month for my skin to clear up. I've never had a serious break out again, nor had to use their product after that. Just regular face wash. I mean, I understand everyone had different skin types; perhaps this can be one option?

Why don't you call them 1 (800) 876-9717 and ask them if with your type of skin will it work or go to their website at

hope that helps :)Acne?Scars?
Or use whitening creams
Your best bet is to go see a dermatologist
Go any where!!!!!!!!!!! Get proactive or whatever that crap is. And if you bruise easily then try to stop hitting into thing!!!!
The best thing to do is to go and get your pimples extracted every 6 weeks by a professional at a beauty salon. Make sure you exfoliate once a week, and start a good dose of Evening Primrose Oil 3 x day and Zinc 50mg 1 x day for 3 months. Drink 1.5-2ltrs of water a day- your skin will love you for it!

If you are going to squeeze your own pimples DON'T do it with your bare fingers:

Step 1. Pour boiling water into a bowl bigger than the size of your face and place 2 tea bags of chamomile tea inside.

Step 2. Place your face over the bowl and cover your head with a towel making sure the steam doesn't get out and inhale for 10-15mins to open up pores and make extraction easier bringing the whiteheads to the surface quicker.

Step 3. Pat down face with towel and ...COVER your fingers with a kleenex that you've folded twice or three times and now you can begin to extract your pimples.

Step 4. Once extracted, wash face and dot with tea trea oil which acts as an antibacterial and dries them out.

This process should lessen you EVER getting scars.

I found a great skin care product that was developed by a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills. He had a child with severe burns and came up with this product to help his child鈥檚 skin. It is reasonably priced and is the same quality you would get from a dermatologist, or an aestheticians office! Learn more about it here:

I hope you like it as much as I do!
I have the same problem! when I get a pimple, no matter If i leave it or pop it, it still scars. What is up with that? Im using Mederma and have been for about 1 week, and seriously my pimples have smoothed out A LOT ! even a few are starting to fade. You are supose to use it 4-5 times a day but I only use it about 3 times and am still seeing something. I also have another scar on my back from a boil and it has smoothed it out almost completely! I cant believe it! Im definetely going to keep using it, people say it takes up to 6 months but you have to stick to your routine and not give up when you don't see results straight away. Some people say it doesn't work for them but I think everyone is different! Good luck! email me if you need more info rere_1105@hot..
the best thing for scars is neosporin
Go for clean and clear acne cleanser containing salicylic acid to help prevent zits and pimples from forming.

Apply cleanandclear oil free moisturizer also containing salicylic acid at night after cleansing to make skin smooth and supple.

it is available in all stores.costs less than $5.

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