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i hate acne. i hate everything about acne. it seems just when you are starting to settle the acne down, it comes back 2 times worse. i have just cleared my acne for the most part, but now i have these scars. i really want to clear these up, i know i asked this before, but it would really help if anyone has some remedies, products anything to help get rid of those suckers?ACNE scARS?
found this online for ya:

1- The Tomato Treatment

Take a fresh tomato, give it a good wash then slice it into reasonably thick pieces. Rest the tomato on the scar and leave there for a few minutes. Perform this procedure twice a day before washing your face (so you don't go to bed with bits of tomato sticking to you!)

2- Lemon Juice

If the tomato treatment doesn't give you the results your after try this great homemade acne scar treatment. Slice up a fresh lemon and once again apply it to the scar. Because lemon juice is citric acid (which is part of the AHA group) it makes an effective homemade acne scar treatment. Lemon juice can also help increase the elasticity of your skin which is another great thing about it.

3 - Mint juice

Mint juice is a great way to help reduce acne scars. Simply apply some every morning (or evening) to your scars, allow it to sink in, leave for a few minutes and then wash it off. Mint juice is easily one of the most effective homemade acne scar treatments around.

4- Water

Water, that wonder liquid, is BY FAR the best homemade acne scar treatment around. Drink heaps of the stuff, every single day and you'll really notice the difference. Water helps so much because it encourages the growth of new skin cells and the removal of old ones. Also, water helps your body expel wastes which can lead to new acne outbreaks (and the possibility of new acne scars)

As you can see there are a number of natural ways to combat acne scars without having to purchase expensive topical creams or surgical procedures (abrasion etc) Of course the best treatment for acne scars is preventing them from appearing - try not to squeeze spots as these can lead to nasty scars. That is perhaps one of the most important factors of homemade acne scar treatment.

Learn about the most effective homemade acne scar treatment around by visiting鈥?/a>ACNE scARS?
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Lemon juice works but it also can make you very pale. Make sure to warn them of that! Report Abuse

Use jojoba oil to balance sebum secretion and reduce the production of acne. Report Abuse

go to a dermatologist!!!!!! they helped me so much
Try Vitamin E Oil. It fades scars and moisturizes your skin.
apply a little lemon juice with a cotton ball on the scars.let it dry n then wash off.u can also splash ur face with cold water after u wash it to close ur pores thus minimizing chances of breaking out more.
Rose hips are the seed pod left after the rose petals fall off. You have probably heard of rose hip tea, recommended because it is so rich in Vitamin C. The oil from rose hips, often called rosa mosqueta, is very nutritious and consists of 80 percent essential fatty acids. It was a mainstay of the Incas, for example, for its nutritional qualities.

Rose hip oil is also renowned for its benefits for the skin. In fact, it has multiple benefits. It is particularly famous for any scars, including acne scars. Read about them here:鈥?/a>

I got this info off they have lots of stuff for scars I will give you more links.鈥?/a>鈥?/a>

I have heard a lot of good things about Apple Cider Vinager.

Good luck with your scars,I hope they fade away.


go to your dermatologist... they know what's best for your skin
umm i tht u can use tea tree oil and apply on the scars and i tht u can also use skinlitte cucumber mask to reduce the scars and i tht u can also use dainty lavender mask frm sg website at 88db to reduce the scars..u can also use lancome spot whitening eraser to remove the scars...
Directly rub potato slices all over the face and wash after 30 minutes this when done regularly , helps to get rid of acne, blemishes and pimple scar. Check out for more useful info.
Chemical peals may help.
ive been trying to do that forever...its improved by drinking lots of water and also washing ur face as many times as possible with cold water.

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